I’m always curious of other people setups, so today I thought it would be fun to go through my MacBook and share all the softwares I use in 2017. I use MacOS, so if you’re on Windows you’re out of luck for a lot of these. Lets drive right in.

Google Chrome

By far the number one most used application has got to be Google Chrome. I made the switch from Firefox maybe 5~ years ago and haven’t looked back. Actually, that was a lie. I looked back after watching the movie Snowden in fear of everything I do being saved by Google, which is probably true, but whatever. I still love Google Chrome. It’s the fastest, and things like CSS animations work so much smoother.

Sublime Text Visual Studio Code

Another application that I use all the time is Visual Studio Code.

1password 5 interface


Another application I’m in all the time is Terminal. I’m kind of a minimalist and like to stick with as many system applications as possible. Terminal does everything I need, I have no need for things like iTerm2. I also use the default Bash over the popular ZSH.


It’s been pretty crazy watching Slack anchor itself in workplaces everywhere. I use this every day to communicate with the team over at Need/Want, I have to admit it’s pretty awesome for team communication.

Slack illustration


Apple messages is another great system app. I get all my text messages forwarded here and connect my Google account. I never have to look at my phone while on the computer.

Apple Mail

I’m trying to start using Apple Mail. I’ve always just went to gmail.com and logged in. Pretty solid app and it supports the most CSS out of it’s competitors.


Do yourself a favor and install a password manager. My days of using the same password for everything are over. 1password is the best password manager. It works on my iPhone as well as my MacBook, so I’m always able to login. We also use this to share passwords at my work. Definitely recommended.

1password 5 interface


I’ve been continually using Photoshop since version 7 way back when. The interface is very familiar to me and it’s still the dominant application used by Designers. I use this to extract assets and crop images mostly. Read the fine print before buying anything from Adobe. Adobe will try to screw you anyway possible, and they have the worst customer support ever.


I’m a pretty rookie Illustrator user, but I dip in here pretty often to edit SVG images. I’m currently trying to make the transition to sketch.


Sketch has really been growing on me lately. It’s a lot simpler than Illustrator and only costs a one-time $99. I don’t know how to do everything yet and do have to hop in illustrator occasionally.

Sketch app interface


Zeplin is a new favorite app of mine. It works beautifully and is way easier to reference than a PSD in Photoshop. This app is amazing.


To be honest, I never really sync folders to my computer. Dropbox is mainly used for sharing screen shots. It auto-uploads and screen shots I take and has a way better free plan compared to Cloud App.


I use Spotify for all my musical needs. I tried Apple Music, but switched back for the wider array of platform support and interface design.


VLC can pretty much play anything. Everything is pretty much streamed these days, so this doesn’t get much use anymore.


Another app I don’t use as much anymore is Transmission, which is a bit torrent client. I found this one to be the simplest and easiest to use.


One more app that rarely gets used anymore is Transmit, which is good FTP client, but these days it seems like everything is git-based deployment.


ImageOptim is a dead simple app I use to optimize images for the web. It’s super light weight and works like a charm.